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Photos © by Amie Anderson

MJ Silver Grace Winsemall

* 2015, 32,75″, blue roan (Ee, aa, N/RO,) AMHA, AMHR, breeder: Marlonne Van Zelst, Netherlands






in foal to AQM Cocoas Ring Of Gold



Offspring Color Probability

6.25% –
Red Roan
6.25% –
Gold Champagne Tobiano
6.25% –
Gold Champagne
6.25% –
Red (Chestnut/Sorrel) Tobiano
6.25% –
Gold Champagne Roan Tobiano
6.25% –
Red (Chestnut/Sorrel)
6.25% –
Gold Champagne Roan
6.25% –
Red Roan Tobiano
3.13% –
Silver Black
3.13% –
Silver Classic Champagne Roan
3.13% –
Blue Roan Tobiano
3.13% –
Silver Classic Champagne Tobiano
3.13% –
3.13% –
Classic Champagne Roan
3.13% –
Silver Black Roan
3.13% –
Classic Champagne Tobiano
3.13% –
Silver Black Tobiano
3.13% –
Silver Classic Champagne Roan Tobiano
3.13% –
Blue Roan
3.13% –
Silver Classic Champagne
3.13% –
Black Tobiano
3.13% –
Classic Champagne Roan Tobiano
3.13% –
Silver Black Roan Tobiano
3.13% –
Classic Champagne
 MJ Silver Grace Winsemall  LMAS Wannawinemall (Multiple World Top 5, AMHA Champion, MHCE European Champion  Bear Branch Wind River Feather (Multiple Res. World Champion, Multiple World Champion Producer)  

Stonehenge Painted Feather (Multiple Champion)

 Coats Lil Gunsmoke
 Landrys Cowboys Painted Lady
 Vikings Sweet Valentina


 Komokos Smoky The Bandit
 Paradises Veronica Lake
Cross Country Northern Lights (World Champion)  Cross Country Call My Sir (Multiple World and Res. World Grand Champion)  Lazy N Red Boy
 Cross Countrys Candy Kiss
 Bond Steel Magnolia


 Bond Nimrod
 Bond Chinquapen
 STP Beethovens Grace N Honey (Multiple European Champion and Grand Champion)  Indian Peaks Buck Beethoven (World Reserve Grand Champion, World Champion and Multiple World Reserve Champion)  Manipulators Buckingham (AMHA World Grand Champion, AMHA World Champion, AMHA World Res. Champion)


 NFCS Manipulator (World Champion, World Grand Champion Producer)
 Little Kings Miss Bay Buckeroo
 Nehi Golden Nugget ( 3x AMHA National Top Ten Awards, AMHR National Reserve Grand Champion Mare)


 Marystowns Dakota Supreme (World Grand Champion)
 Nehi Little Las Vegas

EJH Dukes Lady Charmain (World Top 10)


 Little Kings DD Buck Duke (AMHA World Champion, Top Ten Stallion)


 Alvadars Double Destiny (AMHA World Grand Champion, Numerous World Champion Titles, sire of many World Champions & World Reserve Champions)
 Little Kings Buffy Buckeroo
 Lilliput Acres Pretty Paula


 Bar Ls Gold Mine
 Deiles Classy Miss